Research and development

Research and development

The task of feed manufacturing is not less than providing the animal production sector with feed that enables more and more intensive animal production while meeting the increasingly strict animal welfare, food safety and environmental protection expectations and requirements. In order to achieve this objective, we at Bonafarm-Bábolna Feed Ltd. consider it important to continuously update our feeds under the guidance of our R+D team, in conformity with the most recent Hungarian and international research results and on the basis of our practical experience. The acquisition of this up-to-date knowledge is ensured by the high-level qualifications of our R+D team members (working in the field of product development, formulation, special consultancy): all colleagues working in this area have university qualifications in the agricultural field, three people have a scientific (PhD) degree, and further three people are currently pursuing PhD studies in doctoral schools.

The commitment of our group of companies to innovation represents a great advantage in product development. A good example of that is that Bonafarm Agriculture and Kaposvár University are jointly operating the 200-sow experimental farm of the University, which farm thus provides excellent opportunities for performing pig nutrition experiments.

Our Company sells the majority of its feed products to the livestock farms of Bóly Co. Ltd., Dalmand Co. Ltd. and Fiorács Ltd., which are members of our group of companies. Using the results obtained and experience gained here, we continuously modernize and update our poultry, pig and cattle feeds. As a result, our customers both within and outside the group are able to practise increasingly cost-effective animal production.

It was with this background that we embarked upon the development of many products, such as the PLATINUM piglet diets introduced to the market with great success, as well as the SOYZIN rumen-protected protein source manufactured for dairy cows. For waterfowl, we developed a completely new feeding technology based on by-products, using funds obtained through a tender (GOP-2011 1.1.1). The title of the grant application was ‘Elaboration of performance-oriented, environment- and animal-friendly nutritional technology prototypes for different waterfowl species’. The results of the program contribute to a better understanding of the nutrient-supplying capacities of the major goose and duck diets. In this way, this new cost-effective feeding technology based on the optimization of by-product use will improve the economic efficiency of the waterfowl production sector.

As a result of our continuous development activities, our Company offers more than 1000 different products to its customers, including diets for horse, ostrich, rabbit, fur animals, fish, pheasant, quail, lamb, waterfowl, and even for giraffe and bear. Our purpose with this very broad product range is to guarantee that all farmers and animal keepers can find among our products a diet that ensures the economically most efficient production.

Beyond classical feed development we attach high importance to the innovation of supplements, services and production technology connected with the products. Precisely because of this it is especially important for us to facilitate our customers’ successful conduct of business with comprehensive and high-standard services. Our consultants are practitioners who focus on the practical implementation of profitable production in addition to transferring up-to-date theoretical knowledge. We provide special consulting services on nutritional, farm management, labour organization, technology and animal health issues with a frequency conforming to our partners’ demand. We provide technical support in order to make the production of finished products more profitable.

Our formulation service ensures the formulation of diets of optimum nutrient content for different age groups, as well as the regular maintenance, updating, computerized optimization and cost analysis of these diets. Our formulation and formula management programs and the formula optimization programs used by our technical consultants (e.g. the Brill® Formulation and the Feed Ration Balancer™ programs) represent market-leading software globally.

In our development activities and technical services we always focus on quality and economic efficiency, realizing that we can be successful only if the customers using our feeds and services also conduct profitable farming activities.