Feeding program

Our broiler diets conform to, and are continuously updated on the basis of, the most recent research results and technological recommendations, thus make it possible to exploit the genetic potential of the modern broiler chickens. Our finished feeds and mixing recommendations provided for concentrates and premixes conform to the growth and meet the requirements of broilers in multiple feeding phases, thus enabling the producers to achieve the best possible production results.

  • Bábolna Broiler starter concentrate
  • Bábolna Broiler grower concentrate
  • Bábolna Broiler finisher concentrate
  • KBP-110 Broiler starter-grower complete premix
  • KBP-112 Broiler finisher complete premix
  • KBP-150 Broiler starter complete premix
  • KBP-151 Broiler grower complete premix
  • KBP-152 Broiler finisher complete premix
  • KBP-155 TOP Broiler starter complete premix
  • KBP-156 TOP Broiler grower complete premix
  • KBP-157 TOP Broiler finisher complete premix


Feeding program

Our turkey diets are continuously updated on the basis of the most recent research results and technological recommendation as well as the practical and field experience gained over a period of many years. We offer diets for multiple feeding phases to follow the growth of turkeys, thus facilitating the birds’ optimal and cost-effective development during the long, 6-month rearing period.

  • KBP-125 Turkey starter complete premix
  • KBP-126 Turkey grower complete premix
  • KBP-127 Turkey finisher complete premix


Feeding program

In addition to ensuring long-lasting high-level egg production by maintaining the good body condition of the birds, our breeder diets result in excellent fertility of the hatching eggs produced.

  • KBP-103 Breeder chick complete premix
  • KBP-104 Breeder pullet complete premix
  • KBP-107 Breeder layer complete premix
Laying hen

Laying hen

Feeding program

Our layer diets provide excellent results on the largest layer farms of Hungary day by day. Thanks to their optimal composition and nutrient content, they ensure a persistently high egg production level in the commercial laying flocks of our producers. As we are working with several different diet ranges, together with our customers we can select the diets of the most suitable intensity for the given farm.

  • Bábolna Commercial layer concentrate
  • KBP-113 Commercial layer chick complete premix
  • KBP-114 Commercial layer pullet complete premix
  • KBP-117 Commercial layer complete premix
  • KBP-118 TOP Commercial layer complete premix


Feeding program

When formulating diets for waterfowl, the distinct anatomical characteristics of the different species should be taken into consideration to enable our geese and ducks to achieve the high performance expected of them. We determined the composition and nutrient content of the diets by following the recommendations of the international and Hungarian literature and relying on the practical experience gained in waterfowl production. Both in the biggest waterfowl integrations of Hungary and under small-scale farm conditions, our goose and duck diets have been demonstrating their value for a long time, enabling farmers to rear and fatten waterfowl to the desired weight with a very favourable feed conversion ratio, i.e. with very good results.

  • KBP-185 Waterfowl starter-grower complete premix
  • KBP-186 Waterfowl finisher complete premix
  • KBP-187 Waterfowl layer complete premix