As the leading company group in the agricultural and food sector, the Bonafarm Group has a substantial animal stock both on its own livestock farms and through its integrated partners. The animal nutrition related tasks of Bonafarm Agriculture are performed by our company, Bonafarm-Bábolna Feed Ltd., which, besides meeting the feed demands of the company group, is an active and well-established player also on markets independent of the company group.
Bonafarm-Bábolna Feed Ltd. manufactures feeds of excellent quality at multiple manufacturing sites within Hungary, using standardized and consistent feed manufacturing principles and systems.
Our feeds, the composition of which is ideal for animal stocks representing different genetics, age distribution and management conditions and meets the specific conditions, are manufactured in a total of 9 manufacturing plants operating at five different production sites of Bonafarm-Bábolna Feed Ltd. (Nagyigmánd, Zalacséb, Újszász, Mohács, Dalmand). Bonafarm-Bábolna Takarmány telephely


Uniquely also on European level, our manufacturing plants produce not only compound feeds and premixes but also milk replacer or milk substitute products necessary for young animals, and thus our Company can provide its customers with a comprehensive range of complex diet ranges for all species and age groups of farm animals. These compound feeds can be coarse meal (mash), granulated or crumbled diets regarding their physical appearance.
Bonafarm-Bábolna Feed Ltd. produces more than 464 thousand tons of compound feed per year, which makes it an important player of the feed market both in Hungary and in the neighbouring countries.
Our premix manufacturing plant located at our Company’s Nagyigmánd site is Hungary’s oldest such factory, which underwent complete refurbishment last year. Thus, our premix manufacturing experience dates back several decades.

In order to ensure excellent quality, we are continuously testing both our feed raw materials and finished products. At all our manufacturing sites, we are operating an online feed analysis system based on the NIR (near infrared) technology (spectrophotometry) and producing rapid feed analytical results. In addition, in our laboratories in Nagyigmánd and Mohács we also perform conventional laboratory tests to ensure that our feed products delivered to our customers always represent the highest possible quality and are produced by continuously supervised and upgraded production systems.
The modernization of our manufacturing and production systems is a task of outstanding importance. To ensure this, we implement development and investment projects of substantial value every year in order to improve the quality of feeds even further and to produce them at the lowest possible cost and environmental impact.

Besides technical development and innovation, we wish to achieve that our employees are familiar with and use the state-of-the-art manufacturing and process control systems. We conduct close co-operation with Hungarian universities, research institutes and companies producing feed manufacturing equipment, attend scientific conferences, subscribe to the most important technical journals and magazines, and make it possible for our employees to obtain special engineer’s and scientific qualifications.