The analytical laboratory in Nagyigmánd

The laboratory was established in the 1970s to perform the quality control tasks of the BCR (Bábolna–Cereol–Richter) plant in Nagyigmánd. In the subsequent decades it operated as part of Bábolna Co. Ltd. and then of Bábolna Feed Industry Ltd. Since 1996 it has been performing its activities as an accredited laboratory.

Accreditation certificate

Accreditation certificate detailer

The task of the laboratory is to provide testing and analytical services with up-to-date and state-of-the-art equipment and methods in conformity with the slogan ‘from farm to fork’. Our laboratory provides testing and analytical services in the agricultural and food sector. Conformity of its activity with standard 17025:2005 is confirmed by the successful accreditation audits, and our laboratory has participated, with good results, also in international ring tests. In addition to the performance of tests, the laboratory provides complex services to its customers, including the interpretation of test findings and expert consultancy.

Bonafarm Agriculture has one of Hungary’s best equipped and instrumented servicing laboratories. During the developments of the laboratory we installed cutting-edge automated systems capable of performing a high number of precisely controlled measurements.

Our specialists’ far-reaching experience and continuous extension training both in Hungary and abroad, together with our instrument pool of European standard guarantee precise and reliable analytical determinations for our customers. We handle the information acquired during the measurements in conformity with Act CXII of 2011 on Data Protection.

We provide our laboratory services under short deadlines. Our testing spectrum is extremely broad; in conformity with our Company’s slogan, the samples tested by us cover the whole area ‘from farm to fork’.

In addition to our accredited tests, on demand we can perform non-accredited but validated, possibly individual determinations as well.

In the three divisions of our laboratory you can choose from the following tests: