Sales and innovation

Sales and innovation


The more than 1000 basic products of our Company cover the entire range of farm animal feed industry, including panels, premixes, concentrates and compound feeds. The list and actual formulas of these products are continuously updated and changed in order to meet the customer demands.

In addition to meeting the customer demands, the practical adaptation of our own research and development results and the experience accumulated by the animal production divisions of the Bonafarm Group all contribute to the continuous improvement of our products in order to ensure efficient nutrition. By purchasing our products you get access to all the product support services that increase the competitiveness of your and your customers’ efficient animal production activities. Our products and services are available to all farmers irrespective of farm size, and they meet both individually customized or standard demands. Our highly qualified team members help our partners choose the products or solutions that best meet their objectives or conditions.

We have developed our sales channels by taking into consideration our customers’ geographic locations, the volume of purchases depending on farm size and the unique features of the products. Our main goal is to provide our partners with products and services of the highest possible quality, starting from the ordering of products through product support to sharing our experience.

Large-scale farms

Providing high-standard services to professional, large-scale animal production farms is of outstanding importance, as we can have a major influence on their operation through the reduction of feed costs and by providing strategic solutions for feeding problems. We pay individual attention to all customers and provide technologies adapted to the individual farms, from meeting the nutritional requirements of the different genetic lines through satisfying individual nutrient content demands to the production of raw materials for functional foods.

We know that the animal production sector works with a relatively low margin, and therefore we have to support the profitable operation of our partners. We take into account our partners’ most important performance and financial targets that they consider when making decisions. As we are focusing on nutrition, we recommend feeding technologies that bring the best results on our customers’ farms. We are capable of solving complex problems. In the development process of our products we take into consideration the international research results; however, our main focus is always on our customers’ demands.

Animal production is still linked with specific geographic regions while the food industry has become globalized. As the animal production sectors are inevitably influenced by the exposure of the food industry to free market processes, they can stay competitive only if they use the best possible technologies. We are continuously providing our partners with all the support they need for attaining this objective.

Brand representation network

Although small-scale animal production is decreasing continuously, the rate of this decrease is slower than had been predicted. The foundations of our currently operating brand representative network were laid down in 1998, and this network has been operated successfully ever since with our reseller partners. The sales point and logistic network operated by our resellers can meet the demands of the end-users much more efficiently and by generating greater customer satisfaction. Currently we can sell our products at about 1500 sales points nationwide, which represents a network unique in Hungary. In this segment we are primarily distributing products specialized for small-scale production, but all our products are available if a certain minimum quantity is ordered. The formula and appearance of our products conform to the market demands. Our professional specialists provide valuable assistance in selecting the most suitable products, as well as in their integration into the production technology also in the small-scale production sector.


One of the factors essential for our continuous development is the ability to expand our export markets. Our most important and oldest export destinations is Romania, where were conduct harmonious co-operation with our importer, SC Bandrino Import-Export SRL.

Conforming to the technical and logistic demands of the producers, we have segmented the market and deliver our products to the users by selecting the solution that is best for our customers. In the area of exports, in order to meet the special demands of our export customers we also manufacture and distribute products and pack sizes differing from those offered on the domestic market. In Croatia and Slovenia we are present on livestock farms of large size, using a direct service delivery system. Together with the whole range of our services available to our domestic customers, our comprehensive technical support is fully accessible to our customers also in our export markets.