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Improving cost efficiency and sustainability in broiler duck nutrition

Bonafarm-Bábolna Takarmány Ltd. as a feed producer commits itself to decreasing the cost of slaughter animal production, to increasing performance and improving feed efficiency in poultry – including broiler duck
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Main aspects and advantages of hand-rearing goat kids

Nowadays goat milk is considered to be a healthy specialty food, goat milk products can be found on the menus of restaurants as exquisite courses. The main goal of dairy

Let’s bring the sow back to “balance”, Part 1

Modern hyperprolific sows and their piglets face numerous challenges during their lives. Rearing a litter is not an easy task in itself, let alone with improved genetics resulting in increasing

Research and development in broiler duck nutrition

The water fowl sector is export oriented with Hungarian specialty products and plays an important role in the Hungarian national economy. Meanwhile the sector has been affected by a number