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Farkas István brojlerhizlalás

How to reach the “elite club” of broiler producers

Both quality and economic parameters can be significantly improved by modernisation and the optimisation of resources. István Farkas has been rearing chickens since 1990. His business has been rearing

Mycotoxin testing and seasonal results

The contamination of plants and crops with moulds has been a long standing problem in agriculture. Mycotoxins are toxic secondary metabolites of moulds that decrease yields and the marketability of
Fiaztatói menedzsment 2.

Farrowing house management (Part 2)

In the previous issue we covered the aspects of housing and nutrition of young breeding animals. This issue focuses on the newborn piglet, since the development of the animals in
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The effect of domestication on horses: how do unwanted behaviours develop?

Horses are prey animals (like most herbivores) which determines the anatomical and psychological evolution of the species and also drives selection in the population. Since horses needed to defend themselves