The characteristics of goat nutrition

In the old days it was often thought that ‘the goat is the poor man’s cow’. Although the goat is one of the farm animal species that had been domesticated
Platinum Zero

Platinum Zero – for sustainable performance

Currently the use of zinc-oxide (ZnO) mixed into the feed in a therapeutic dose (2500–3000 mg Zn per kg of feed) is the least expensive, most effective and most widespread

Hydrogel – benefits enclosed in water

For broiler lines of intensive growth rate, a good start is essential for the maximum utilization of their genetic potential. Reports in both the Hungarian and the international literature call
Platinum broiler feed

Exceeding a broiler index of 500 with Bábolna Feed

The fattening period of broiler chickens has drastically shortened in recent decades: a broiler chicken increases its hatching weight 50-fold in 6 weeks’ time, by the time it reaches its