Presentation of the Company

Bonafarm-Bábolna Feed Ltd.

Bábolna Takarmány cégismertetőBonafarm-Bábolna Feed Ltd. – as a member company of the Bonafarm Group – is one of Hungary’s biggest premix and feed manufacturers. For several decades, we have been manufacturing products that can help the animal production sector achieve outstanding production results.

The main activity of our company is the manufacturing of feed premixes and finished feeds for all farm animal species and also for pet animals, and the distribution of these products on both the domestic and the external markets. Our annual sales volume of feeds and feed products 400,000 tons, which represents 12-13% of the total feed production output of Hungary.

Our primary objective is to become a market leader also in the area of pet nutrition. Our Authentic product range has successfully won the Hungarian Quality Product Prize, which means that our cat and dog foods are manufactured by the use of 100% Hungarian labour and Hungarian raw materials.

Our main objective is to operate as a successful big corporate enterprise on both the domestic and the international feed market, thus contributing to the economically efficient production of healthy foodstuffs. We consider it important to conduct safe and traceable production at all times. Our company meets all requirements ensuring safe food production for producers and consumers alike, in addition to conforming to the rigorous EU standards. Our feed manufacturing and environmental processes are audited and are being updated, modernized and renewed on a continuous basis. We do not wish to merely operate as a supplier; rather, it is our primary objective to provide long-term reliable supply services for our partners.
With the more than 1000 products manufactured by us, we are an outstandingly important player of the Hungarian feed market.

Uniquely in Hungary, the Bonafarm Group has an experimental farm for conducting feeding trials in the framework of research and development (R+D) work. The practical operation of developmental activities can be tested also on large-scale farms conducting commercial production.

We support our partners’ work by providing consultancy on nutritional, management, breeding and animal health issues. Our advices convey market value.

Our traditional and successful technical conferences, partner meetings, road shows focusing on different farm animal species and our publications further strengthen technical co-operation and joint thinking. Bonafarm-Bábolna Feed Company Ltd. is a regular participant of the most important agricultural expos and trade shows.

Our recent achievements:

Product Prize for Hungarian Animal Breeding 2024.
An alternative meat duck feeding program to improve sustainability and reduce ecological footprint, place II

Superbrands 2023 

MagyarBrands 2023

Magyar Brands kiváló munkáltatói márka 2020

Product Prize for Hungarian Animal Breeding 2022.
Sustainable nutritional solutions for reducing the environmental impact and ecological footprint of slaughter pig production
Grand Prize

Product Prize for Hungarian Animal Breeding 2021.
ZnO-free piglet feeding technology based on risk assessment, 1st prize
Amino broiler diets, 3rd prize

Product Prize for Hungarian Animal Breeding 2018.
“Pig Care” Piglet-saving Program, place I

Product Prize for Hungarian Animal Breeding 2017.
“GMO-free cattle nutrition program and products”, place I

Product Prize for Hungarian Animal Breeding 2016.
“SOYZIN full-fat soy based rumen-protected protein and fat source”, place I
“Platinum broiler and turkey diet ranges”, place III