Hydrogel – benefits enclosed in water

Hydrogel – benefits enclosed in water

For broiler lines of intensive growth rate, a good start is essential for the maximum utilization of their genetic potential. Reports in both the Hungarian and the international literature call attention to the multiple beneficial effects of early feeding on the development and growth of day-old broiler chicks.

The period after hatching is of decisive importance for the viability of chicks. The proportional shortening of the time that elapses until the first feed intake has an important role in this regard, as early feeding has a favourable effect on growth rate, digestive tract development and activation of the immune system.

As a result of vigorous selection aimed exclusively at improving meat production capacity, today’s broilers can build up a greater muscle mass within a shorter period of time than ever before, and therefore the importance of the first days of the production period has increased substantially.

The earliest possible feed and water intake of day-old chicks after hatching has a decisive influence on their performance parameters in the fattening period. Following the hatching process itself, other operations performed at the hatchery and the duration of transport to the farm further prolong the period during which day-old chicks do not have access to either drinking water or feed. After hatching, the content of the yolk sac supplies day-old chicks with essential nutrients; however, up to the time of the first feed intake the body weight of chicks tends to decrease because of the gradually decreasing amount of yolk material. The delay or prolongation of placement adversely affects the growth parameters of day-old birds, resulting in dehydration or impaired resistance eventually leading to higher mortality rates. Delayed placement results in lower growth rate, and the body weight starts to increase only after the first feed intake. Starvation has an adverse effect on muscle development of the adult chicken and, acting as a stress factor, delays the development of the intestinal tract of day-old chicks, thus impairing their immune functions. Feed provided immediately after hatching exerts numerous beneficial effects on the growth and development of chickens.

Bonafarm-Bábolna Feed Ltd. has developed Hydrogel, which is a feed additive functioning as a receiving and hydrating gel. It has high water content and can retain water for a long time and then release it within the body of the bird. When placed into the chick transport boxes and uniformly spread on the feed at the time of placement, it prevents the risk of dehydration and energy deficiency. The bright green gel of complex composition attracts the interest of chicks. Owing to its energy, vitamin and probiotic content, the gel strengthens the immune system and supports the development of a healthy intestinal absorptive surface which allows the birds to smoothly switch over from yolk nutrients to the solid feed phase. Hydrogel ensures a good start for chicks in the critical post-hatch period, which is indispensable for utilizing the full genetic potential of the flock.

Thanks to the scientific research invested in it, with its complex problem-solving capacity and favourable cost/benefit ratio, Hydrogel is outstanding among the products available on the Hungarian market. The use of Hydrogel increases the uniformity of the flock and decreases the mortality rate. The cost of Hydrogel is less than 1% of the value of day-old chicks.

Hydrogel provides benefits enclosed in water for day-old broiler chicks, turkeys, commercial layers, waterfowl, quail and pheasants.

All day-old poultry deserve a good start in life!

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