Renewed Crémo calf diets and supplements

Renewed Crémo calf diets and supplements

More and more scientific papers deal with the correlations between calf rearing and subsequent performance. The data published in these articles demonstrate that calf rearing influences the time of the first breeding, the age at first calving and milk production in the first lactation. This is supported by the global trends focusing on calf raising and, within that, the period of milk feeding.

Calf milk replacers

The renewed calf milk replacers of Bonafarm-Bábolna Feed Ltd. are available on the market under three new brand names: Crémo Silver, Crémo Gold and Crémo Platinum. These three milk replacers differ only in nutritive value regarding the quantity and ratio of protein and fat sources, and thus all customers can find the product which is optimal for them. All three products have standard ingredients of perfect quality.

In addition to the nutrients, these milk replacers contain functional ingredients that serve for maintaining the optimum health status and general welfare of the animals. Thanks to an own-developed fat source, these products contain essential omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, together with medium-chain fatty acids inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestine through their antimicrobial effect. The products contain three different types of probiotics (Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis, Enterococcus faecium) in order to maintain the healthy gut microflora. The organic acids contained by the products promote healthy digestion and suppress the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Starter diets

Relying on the results of experiments conducted in the past years, we have renewed our starter diets as well. As in the case of calf milk replacers, in this product category we also offer three products to meet our customers’ demands.
The predecessor of Crémo Borjú [Crémo Calf], the MT calf product has a decade-long history of success, primarily due to its stable quality and favourable price. Differently from the previous years, this time the product is changed not only in its composition and nutrient content but also in its name. With its higher protein and easily fermentable fibre content, the Crémo Calf starter diet continues to be a good choice, as it contains all the nutrients needed for safe and well-balanced calf raising.
The Crémo Borjú Extraprot [Crémo Calf Extraprot] starter diet is the upgraded version of Crémo Calf, with higher crude protein content. Besides the easily fermentable fibre, this product contains ingredients that support the formation and development of rumen papillae. It is an optimal choice for farmers wishing to accomplish an earlier weaning and achieve a higher weaning weight.

The Crémo Borjú Müzli [Crémo Calf Muesli] starter diet is the upgraded version of the well-proven Crémo Müzli [Crémo Muesli] diet that has been on the market for several years. In addition to its higher crude protein and easily fermentable fibre content it contains some of the raw materials in flaked form. Owing to its high molasses content it is a highly palatable diet for calves, maximising their dry matter intake. Thanks to this diet, the calves can be weaned earlier and their growth potential can be utilised maximally.


CalfCare is a complex supplement with active ingredients stimulating the immune system and helping to prevent the clinical signs of diseases. In calves with respiratory problems the product improves the patency of the airways. By increasing the movement of ciliated epithelial cells it promotes the dissolution and removal of secretions accumulated in the airways. The active ingredients of CalfCare protect young calves against the pathogens causing cryptosporidiosis and coccidiosis. CalfCare is a good choice to supplement our calf milk replacers and calf starter diets.

Crémolit electrolyte supplement

Periods characterised by substantial fluid loss, e.g. due to diarrhoea or stress factors, may frequently occur during calf rearing. On such occasions the calves may lose water amounting to as much as 10% of their body mass. In such cases the use of electrolyte supplements such as Crémolit and the rehydration of the animals are essential. Besides its high energy content, Crémolit contains the necessary electrolytes and the buffer substances needed for the compensation of metabolic acidosis.

Dr. Tanai Attila
Director of Development
Bonafarm- Bábolna Feed Ltd.

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