The solution offered by Bábolna Feed Ltd. for the aflatoxin problem

The solution offered by Bábolna Feed Ltd. for the aflatoxin problem

The mycotoxins produced by field and storage moulds cause major losses in livestock performance. The most important sources of losses are the impairment of reproductive performance, the reduced viability of young animals, the development of digestive disturbances and the decreased resistance to diseases, among others.

Aflatoxins have particular importance in dairy cows as these toxins are transformed in the body of the cows and may appear in the milk in the form of aflatoxin M1 within a few hours. In addition to the aflatoxin contamination of the feed, the appearance of aflatoxin M1 in the milk is influenced by the milk production of cows and the stage of lactation. In cows with a higher milk yield, there is a higher occurrence of aflatoxin appearing in the milk (≈6%), especially at the early phase of lactation. Due to this fact, in herds with intensive milk production even feeds with aflatoxin contamination levels below the permitted limit may cause milk aflatoxin M1 levels exceeding the limit.

ATOX is an anti-caking technological additive which can be used efficiently for binding the mycotoxins – especially aflatoxins – present in the feed.


  • High-purity natural mineral substance, the mixture of smectite and sepiolite
  • Owing to its composition it is suitable for highly efficient mycotoxin absorption, and shows particularly high efficiency in the binding of aflatoxins


  • Feed intake increases
  • The production parameters increase
  • The reproductive performance increases
  • The mycotoxin content of milk decreases

Dosage and application:

  • Dairy cows
    • In case of problems its starting dose is 240–120 g/cow/day, for a week
    • Subsequently the dose can be decreased to half the starting dose
    • For prevention its dose is 60 g/day/animal
  • Beef cattle
    • 25–30 g/day/animal

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