SOYZIN, a full-fat soybean based rumen-protected protein and fat source

SOYZIN, a full-fat soybean based rumen-protected protein and fat source

The steadily increasing milk production of high-yielding dairy cows substantially increases the cows’ protein requirement. As microbial protein covers only about 50–60% of the protein requirement of high-yielding dairy cows, the remaining requirement must be met by dietary protein. While doing this, an optimal rumen protein balance must also be maintained. This is possible only by feeding diets in which a much lower proportion of the protein content than average undergoes fermentation in the rumen. SOYZIN can help us achieve this objective.

SOYZIN is a rumen-protected (bypass) protein and fat source produced from GMO-free Hungarian soybean. Owing to the gentle production technology developed by us, the product has 70% undegradable protein (UDP*) ratio and excellent, higher than 98% true digestibility.

Based on our test results, a substantial proportion of the unsaturated fatty acids contained by SOYZIN pass through the rumen without causing negative effects normally associated with the feeding of unsaturated fatty acids, such as milk fat depression. Owing to this, not only the favourable physiological effects of the individual unsaturated fatty acids (improved body condition, stronger immune system, better fertility) can be expected, but the proportion of protected fats fed in the diet can also be decreased if SOYZIN is fed.

Main features:

  • 70% UDP ratio
  • 14 g protected fat in 100 g of product
  • gentle production technology
  • excellent postruminal digestibility
  • GMO-free raw material
  • favourable price/value ratio

*calculating with 8%/hour rumen passage rate

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