Another recognition awarded to Bábolna Feed

Another recognition awarded to Bábolna Feed

Another diploma is displayed on the glory wall of Bonafarm-Bábolna Feed Ltd., as the company successfully applied for the Hungarian Brands prize also this year. The team members of Bábolna Feed have every reason to be proud, as now they possess already two Hungarian Brands prizes among the diplomas awarded to them.

The Company was subjected to a very strict assessment by the jury according to highly diverse criteria of evaluation and selection. The jury examined the Company’s identity, brand management, reliability, economic efficiency and  the traditions represented by it. How much a given brand is perceived as being Hungarian, to what extent it is bound to our country and its values; what reputation it has among consumers and professionals, for how many years it has been present on the Hungarian market – such and similar aspects were taken into consideration by the jury which decided that Bábolna Feed deserves the title ‘Excellent Business Brand’.

Tamás Lengl, Managing Director emphasized the traditions and reliability when speaking about what this prize meant for the company:

‘Winning the Hungarian Brands prize is a great recognition as it is a positive feedback not only for our company but also for our partners and customers.

I am proud of my colleagues that, in addition to being a 100% Hungarian company and preserving our own values and traditions, we can produce healthy and wholesome products. We consider it important to ensure that our production is traceable at all times and conforms to the requirements of being reliable and safe.’

Magyar Brands oklevél

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